One (obvious) great way to motivate yourself in life is to read about the success of hard workers and entrepreneurs.  The ones I (and I’m sure for most as well) find most motivating are those who started out with nothing, or at one point lived their life losing everything - to read about what they had gone through and how they got through it, but most importantly, how they continued to push themselves past being “ok” again once they picked themselves up from their lowest point in life.

So I’ve set myself up for a challenge, because I haven’t done so in a long time - haven’t cared enough to do anything about it in a long time.  Just setting a few small goals for myself right now, which would hopefully help me build up to the bigger ones in the future!  This is for anyone really, thus the second-person narration.

  • Go to sleep earlier, and wake up extra early.  Not because of your job (if you have one), not for someone else (e.g. your boss), not because of school (AM classes).  Wake up extra early not for any other reason but yourself - don’t waste the day, seize it.
  • Manage your time.  This is really, really important.  I can’t stress HOW important this is… You can’t get anything done if you don’t manage it well!  I’ve suffered (and am currently suffering on-and-off) from this, badly.  There literally are not enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do, so this needs to be straightened up.
  • Get things done efficiently, but not so efficiently that there is no care done with it.  I’m kind of a perfectionist, and it’s hard to break, but I’ve learned that not everything can be perfect, so you just gotta do what you can within a reasonable time.  I tend to work really slowly, or end up procrastinating.  Obviously needs to stop, right now.
  • Most importantly, believe in yourself, and don’t ever give up.  Don’t make excuses, just do it.  If you don’t believe in yourself and try things out for yourself, no one can help you!  You will be the blame for your own failure.  But even then, so what?  Pick yourself back up again and keep reaching for the sky and don’t let anyone ever stop you from doing so.

That’s it for now.  My brain is so blank right now.  I should be sleeping.  But I feel so awake and alive!  I am ready to change, I just hope I can keep up.